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Rental Terms & Conditions
Rental Rates:

All rate quotes are valid for 48 hours unless otherwise indicated and noted.  Depending upon
availability, a 24 hour rental may be picked up or delivered one day prior to the event and returned the
next day.  Additional rental charges may incur if items are kept beyond the due date or fail to be
available for pick-up.


All deposits are nonrefundable should damage or additional charges be incurred or should the event
be cancelled without a minimum notification of at least seven days prior to the delivery date.  Once all
terms and conditions are met to the satisfaction of Unforgettable Occasions, the Lessors entire or
partial (due to additional charges incurred) deposit will be mailed within 3 days of the equipment pick-up
or return.


All tents are to be left in their original set-up location and under NO circumstance are to be moved or
taken down by the Lessor.  Unforgettable Occasions will deliver, set-up, and tear down all tents.  
Unforgettable Occasions is not held responsible for any damage to landscape or underground
equipment such as sprinkler systems, drainage pipes, or wiring.  The Lessor should realize that
extreme caution should be used with children or incoherent guests around the tent stakes and straps.  

Adverse Weather:

The Lessor is responsible for covering and protecting all rental equipment upon the event of adverse
weather conditions.  No equipment is to be exposed to potential damaging weather without proper
protection from the Lessor.  (Tents are to be left set-up in their original delivery location regardless of
weather conditions.)


Any item that is broken, bent, scraped or stained may be considered damaged.  If smoking is permitted
at the event, smoke or burn damage to any of the rental items will incur additional damage charges as
well.  No staples or thumbtacks are to be used on any tables, chairs, or tents.  Linens are NOT to be
washed, just shaken and folded.  Please do not fold linens while wet or damp.


All equipment is used at the risk of the Lessor and the Lessor assumes all responsibility for property
damage or bodily injury of any and all guests in attendance of the event while all equipment is in their
possession.  Unforgettable Occasions is NOT held responsible for ANY liability upon the delivery of all

Delivery & Pickup:

Rental items need to be returned to their point of delivery, stacked up and cleaned of any dirt, tape,
paper or food.  All items are to be wiped clean.  Any equipment left set-up upon pick-up or not at the
original delivery location may incur additional charges.

Delivery Locations:

All deliveries are to be ground level sites (garage, 1st floor, etc.).  There may be an extra charge for
deliveries for locations other than ground floor (2nd, 3rd floors, long hauls, etc.).
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